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Menninger Clinic features Houston Plyback Theater and Dr. Ramiro Salas


Healing Arts Houston

Sponsored by the University of Houston in partnership with the World Health Organization and Culturunners, HPT participated in this conference that brought together international health practitioners, artists, and scholars to explore and celebrate the intersection of arts and health. 

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Co-Founder of Playback Theatre 

In February 2020, HPT hosted Jo Salas for a workshop on compassionate representations of trauma in playback reenactments. We learned much from Jo's dynamic thinking, research, and experience, and we were proud to invite other Playbackers from across Texas.

HPT Study Examines Playback as Therapeutic Aid after Trauma 


HPT Featured AT Playback North America National Conference

In November 2020, Playback North America hosted its first virtual conference, the UnConference on Playback Theatre and Social Impact. HPT performed at the conference and led a discussion about representing trauma in Playback Theatre.

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Transforming The Mind and Spirit

In March 2019, HPT collaborated with an eclectic community of writers, scientists, spiritual leaders, musicians, and artists of all types in this unique meditation on creativity organized by Houston Grand Opera's Community and Learning initiative, HGOco.

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